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Advanced Nutrition Programme

LOGOThe Institute for Optimum was created by Patrick Holford in 1984. The Institute explores and researches diets of today and the effect these have upon our overall wellbeing, body and skin. Even amongst those who consider themselves to have a "well balanced diet" it falls along way short of what is now absolutely proven to be optimal. Patrick says, "The cornerstone of health and ageless aging is your nutrition". For you to feel youthful, full of energy and glowing it is essential for the body to be supplied with approximately 50 vitamins, minerals, essential fats and other important key nutrients every day! This is the key to be in the best of health.

Patrick Holford has created The Advanced Nutrition Programme which delivers the "Rolls Royce" of supplements. Daily packs provide the ideal supplement program, to energise, boost immunity and concentration and restore the body back to balance, to ensure it functions at its best. Levels of nutrients are many times higher in the Nutrition Program than the very basic EU Reccommended Daily Allowance. These higher levels are completely safe but have a profound positive effect on our health and wellbeing.

Whatever your views about nutrition and supplements, take Provitality formula pack for one month and notice how you feel. The Advanced Nutrition Programme offers you tomorrows medicine today.

Advanced Nutrition Programme can also specifically target nutrition tour skin.
Your skin needs to be fed externally and internally. Selected ingredients maintain the skins health and vitality in the face of free radical attack, which ages the skin. By taking the Advance Nutrition Programme skin specific supplements, you can build and strengthen the skins collagen, encourage cellular renewal and protect skin during sun exposure.



The Key Product Range:

  •   Pro Vitality
  •   Skin Vitality
  •   Skin Vitality 2
  •   Skin Collagen Support
  •   Skin Omegas
  •   Skin DefenderIIAA

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